Brooklyn native and Indie pop artist, Moxxi, grew up listening to Top 40 Radio relentlessly. She sites No Doubt, Jewel, Rihanna and Madonna as her biggest musical influences.

“I have always been mesmerized by the way pop music makes me feel as a girl growing into my womanhood… empowered, confident, blissful. I want to make people feel like that.“

An independent spirit with a rebel heart, Moxxi set out to write and produce songs that promote self-empowerment, confidence and self-love.

Moxxi’s sound ranges from quirky, upbeat and sugar-coated dance pop to edgy and hard driving to sensual, vulnerable and seductive.

Ever-evolving and continuously exploring her creativity, Moxxi aims to stay outside of the box and never settle for just one sound in her music.

Moxxi is currently working on her debut EP which she plans to release in the summer 2019.